Healthy Living isn’t All-or-Nothing.

It’s a Spectrum. 

Our options for what to eat, how to move, and how to manage our stress cannot be reduced to “good” or “bad.”

There is no perfect protocol that can guarantee perfect health.

And trying to fit our dynamic lives into a set of rigid rules almost always does more harm than good.

That’s why I don’t coach you to obey my system.

 I help you find Your Healthy Living Zone.

Your Healthy Living Zone is your range of comfortable self-care that suits your needs and supports the way you want to feel.

It’s where you most easily sustain your healthy living goals. 

To get you there, I help you understand the science behind best practices so you’re empowered to take what’s useful, determine what makes a difference, and ditch the rest. 

Because at the end of the day, you are The Decider. 

And the healthiest lifestyle is the one that works for you.

I help you find the easiest ways to support your energy, mood, functionality, and longevity — no matter what you’re managing. 

Single parenthood. A brood of children. A demanding career. Rising health metrics. Chronic conditions. Injuries. Nutritional challenges. Major life trauma. Intimidating doctor’s orders. 

I’ve lived through nearly all of it. And so have most of the folks who come to me because they’re tired of being tired. 

The Wellness Rabbit Hole tells them, “Just take this supplement, do this trendy workout, stop eating this entire food group — and you’ll feel amazing.”

Meanwhile, the medical establishment orders them to “Just lose weight,” — a prescription based on bias, not actual evidence, that often makes things a whole lot worse. 

This reductive All-or-Nothingism is why so many of my clients come to me thinking THEY are the problem when in fact, these magic cures, extreme regimens, and weight-loss protocols are simply not designed for them to win. 

Instead, they’re designed to keep them buying, obsessing, and spending all their energy chasing an aesthetic instead of caring for their wellbeing. 

That’s why… 

We need foundations and basics.

Not trends. 

I know. It’s not sexy. There’s no razzle-dazzle here. 

But when it comes to your health, you deserve better than extreme protocols, overhyped quick-fixes, and cookie-cutter advice. 

Everybody is different. Our bodies change over time. And life goes through many seasons and stages, pushes and pulls. 

Basketball season. Theater season. Performance review season. Enrollment season. 

That’s why I want you to have a solid, yet flexible foundation of basic habits and skills that you can fall back on no matter how unruly life becomes. 

It’s the boring yet meaningful kind of mindset and behavior change that actually transforms your life.

I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m a Behavior Change Expert and Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

I understand what it’s like to be a modern professional and parent under pressure to do it all perfectly, and I believe the best health protocols are flexible enough to honor your complexity, desires, and dynamic responsibilities. 

I’ve spent over three decades in the field, amassing credentials that span healthy eating, fitness, and stress management. In 2023, I started The Air We Breathe Podcast to question The Rules of Diet Culture and talk about how we can be healthy while breaking out of the obedience box. 

My Steady RISE Coaching Method is based on more than four thousand coaching sessions, during which I’ve supported hundreds of people through the social conditions that impact our health and stand in the way of behavior change. 

  • I’m a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and NWI Certified Wellness Professional. That means I’m highly skilled in supporting you to problem-solve and overcome your biggest self-care obstacles. I’m also well-versed in the data of health-supporting behaviors so we can sift through the mountains of information and find what works best for you, faster. 
  • As the Founder of Overcoming U: Cultivating Employee Wellbeing, I’ve educated more than 9000 employees across dozens of organizations in the pillars of healthier living. From eating made easy, to burnout prevention, to boosting cardio and strength on a time-budget, Overcoming U courses create mindset shifts and build skills for lasting change. 
  • I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I can help you become confident in deciding for yourself what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat according to your nutritional needs and natural cravings, without relying on restrictive rubrics or having to do body math constantly.
  • I have a master’s degree in Exercise Science and am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I use that to support you in figuring out meaningful, manageable ways to bring movement into your existing rhythms so it no longer feels like an uphill battle to meet your fitness goals.


I know what it’s like to fall down The Wellness Rabbit Hole

Growing up poor, I learned what most young women are taught in our culture.  


“Beauty is currency. Thinness is status. And good girls maintain their figure by watching what they eat.”

I didn’t realize how damaging Diet Culture was to my health until middle age.

In my mid-40s I received a diagnosis: Graves’ Disease. Under my Doctor’s encouragement, I had my thyroid gland removed. (Zero out of five stars, I would not recommend.) 

This surgery changed my body dramatically. My energy plummeted. I gained weight rapidly.  And I now had to manage insulin resistance and other autoimmune issues.

My self-image suffered too. How could I be a health & wellness expert if I didn’t have control over my own well-being?


The lack of control left me vulnerable. So of course I fell head-first down The Wellness Rabbit Hole, where it was promised I could cure my condition with an extremely restrictive diet, a pricy supplement regimen, and the “natural” quick-fix potions du jour. 

All of my perfectionism was activated. I was so desperate to be well that I developed an eating disorder (orthorexia — extreme clean eating). 


Friends and acquaintances praised me for my discipline and self-control. But inside, I didn’t feel any better. 

Meanwhile, thanks to weight stigma, most of my providers just prescribed more diets and exercise. 


I finally reached a breaking point. 


“I’m tired of feeling bad, and I don’t think this way of eating is helping me.” 

Fortunately, I found the work of critical thinkers like Christy Harrison, Elyse Resch, Evelyn Tribole, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Ragen Chastain, who woke me up to the havoc Diet Culture had been wreaking on my mind and body. 

I went to see an Eating Disorder Therapist. I was introduced to Intuitive Eating, and found it so powerful that I became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. 

It was a challenging transition. The allure of rules is a false sense of safety. But I eventually landed on an All Foods Fit model that I now love as I changed my goals from weight loss and finding a “cure,” to feeling good while managing my condition. 

Likewise, I started metering my workouts so I could focus on longevity, function, and energy instead of aesthetics. I let go of some of my Type A tendencies to create a sustainable balance of activities I actually like.

Then last year, I found a new endocrinologist who took my concerns seriously and changed my medications (turns out the “more natural” option wasn’t working for me). And I have felt so much better ever since. 

Looking back, I now know:

The problem was never me. It was never that I just wasn’t doing enough.

It was the way The Wellness Rabbit Hole had distorted my view of what was good for me, while Diet Culture demanded I put all my energy towards being attractive (by superimposed standards), rather than learning to feel good in my body. 

And in the end, this journey actually made me a better Health Coach. 

Because now I’m equipped to offer you the kind of support I wish I had from the beginning of my crisis. 

The support of an expert who takes you seriously. 

An expert who will honor your desires and complexity while introducing new possibilities and pragmatic skills. 

And an expert who can help you avoid the pull of trends, rules, and misinformation, so you can find what truly makes you feel better. 

Wondering what it would be like to have a No-Rules Wellness Coach in your corner?

3 things I know to be true since digging myself out of  The Wellness Rabbit Hole:

  1. Dieting and weight loss do not guarantee improved health. 

It’s time for the medical establishment to face the numbers:

  • Most intentional weight loss will be regained in 2-5 years. 
  • Sixty percent of those who lose weight will regain more than they lost, and weight cycling harms your health physically and mentally
  • As for the BMI? Studies have shown it’s a flawed scale that cannot accurately predict health risks. 


That’s why “just lose weight” is rarely a viable or necessary prescription from your healthcare provider. More often than not, it’s anti-fat bias and diet culture masquerading as science. It’s lazy, counterproductive, and we deserve better. 


2. Eating “perfectly” cannot solve all health conditions. 

Not only are restrictive diets unsustainable, there’s also no evidence that eliminating certain foods will cure any given condition (unless you’re talking about an allergy.) 


  • When an influencer says they healed a disease through extremely “clean” eating, we don’t actually know the whole story. 
  • Likewise, the idea that certain foods can “balance your hormones” or “heal your gut” are the latest in unproven Diet Culture claims running amuck on social media. 
  • Yes, health-sustaining behaviors can help with some conditions, but that doesn’t mean All-or-Nothingism is required. 

3. No ideal level of nutrition, activity, or positive-thinking guarantees being slim, high-energy, and happy all the time. 


It’s profitable to keep us thinking that IF ONLY we do, buy, or discipline ourselves MORE, we’ll reach wellness nirvana. 

The truth is, no matter what we do, all bodies age and change. And in the long-run, rules only guarantee obsession and exhaustion. 

The good news is, there IS a lot you can do to support our health and improve your energy, mood, fitness, and functionality. But I cannot understate how much constant vigilance of your diet and your body harms your mental health, making it an overall detriment to your wellbeing.

So let’s free ourselves from chasing a fantasy of perfection.

Your one sweet life is not meant to be spent obsessing over your body. 

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