For ambitious professionals & parents 

Establish a trusted foundation of doable healthy habits and smart self-care skills that can endure every season and last you a lifetime.

Imagine yourself one year from today…

You no longer worry about what you just ate, what you’ll be eating later or how to get healthy food on the table. 

You rarely ever dread working out. It’s just a regular part of life like washing your hair or doing the laundry. It seems to happen automatically, and it feels pretty darn good. 

You’re proud of the resilience you’ve built through measuring progress by your own metrics. It’s a relief to not be hung up on trying to look, feel or act like anyone else. 

Most days, you feel more vibrant, alive and energized than you have in years, and that makes you feel engaged and proud of the life you’ve built. 

And when things go sideways, you give yourself a break. You practice self-compassion. You adapt and evolve.  

You don’t need The Rulebook anymore. 

Because you have the skills to make your own.

Steady RISE is the Only Health-Coaching Method to Address All 3 Dimensions of Behavior Change:

  1. Your social context & material conditions 
  2. Your best evidence-based protocols 
  3. The meta-skills to make the data work for you 


That’s how long it takes to figure out what works for you, overcome the obstacles, and settle into sustainable new habits. 

When you sign up, you send yourself the message that your health is a priority you won’t give up on.

And that immediately alleviates stress, builds confidence, and inspires change.

In our year together, I will personally support you to:

  • Release the grip of arbitrary rules so you can discover what actually works for you.

  • Find out what makes the biggest difference in your energy, mood, sleep and overall well-being.
  • Get your most essential self-care running on autopilot so you minimize decision-fatigue yet remain flexible.
  • Know what foods to prioritize to feel great, without being confined to a strict diet that won’t stick.
  • Become confident getting nutritious food on the table with easy-for-you protocols that fit your busy life.
  • Enjoy your favorite treats without having to do math or punish yourself with exercise or restriction.
  • Crack the code to regular exercise that doesn’t feel like pulling teeth or moving mountains.
  • Negotiate domestic politics so you can take time for yourself with minimal guilt and backlash.
  • Problem-solve and strategize ways to reclaim more time so you’re less vulnerable to burn out.
  • Figure out how to live with chronic conditions in a way where you can still flourish.
  • Locate and communicate with health care providers to get the answers and treatment you deserve.
  • Stop any obsessive or self-critical thinking about your body so you free up more energy and creativity.
  • Ease away from coping mechanisms that drain you, towards stress management that revitalizes you.
  • Develop self-compassion and self-love as you hold your habits with more lightness and ease.
  • No longer compare yourself to others, because you’re at peace doing what’s best for YOU.

Feel good about what you’re doing — and NOT doing — for your health.


These days, the average adult professional knows more about what’s “healthy” than ever.


And yet the obstacles to feeling better are greater than ever.


For my clients, those obstacles include structures that reward and rely on chronic self-neglect. 


Households that would fall apart without their constant love and caretaking. 


And absurdly high expectations that if they can’t attend every PTA meeting, get up for 5 am spin classes and subsist on less than 2 food groups, there must be something wrong with them


The truth is, there’s a lot of profit in making people feel like they’re just not doing “enough” or just not getting it “right.”


Instead, I help you find the Healthy Living Zone that works for you.


You can’t possibly get this wrong.

No need to “do it all.” 

(In fact it’s better if you don’t.) 

Do what works for you, 

WHEN it works for you. 

(THAT’s what sticks.)

If you’ve ever been made to feel like you lack willpower — nope. It’s not you. 

It’s the systems you’ve tried to adhere to that don’t work as advertised, and aren’t even based on legitimate data. 

Influencers and swindlers in The Wellness Rabbit Hole make a lot of money with unproven claims like:

  • We’re all just one magic pill or little-known cure-all away from optimal health.
  • Weight-loss is a sustainable goal that will solve all our problems. 
  • Extreme solutions and rigid restrictions are valid measures that guarantee results.
  • What worked for one person will work for others, as long as they do it “right”.
  • Choosing the “clean” or “natural” alternative will always make you feel better.


I’ve been in the field long enough 

to confidently tell you:

None of this is true. 

If we want to feel better, we need

foundations and basics, not trends.  

It may not sound as sexy as a magic pill, 

but it’s way more likely to change your life. 

So instead of researching the latest quick-fix, 

let’s build health-sustaining meta-skills that 

can last you a lifetime.

Ready to break the rules —

and feel better on your terms?

Our Work Together Draws Upon My

Steady RISE Coaching Method

It contains all the self-reflection and problem-solving needed to get organized and consistent with healthy habits that work for you. 


Release The Rules 

  • Divest of Diet Culture & Perfectionism
  • Create Your Why & Get Motivated
  • Decide What Health Means to You


Skill-Building for Life

  • Make Meals Happen 
  • Design Doable Workouts
  • Manage Daily Stress


Investigate Traps 

  • Examine Your Habit History
  • Learn Effective Goal Setting
  • Support Yourself to Succeed 


Experiment & Grow 

  • Implement New Behaviors
  • Identify Emotional Reactions
  • Tweak and Try Again

Wondering how Steady RISE 

will meet your specific needs?

Let’s hop on a call, get to know each other, 

and make sure I can help.

Say goodbye to trendy systems 

that won’t stick. 

Let’s set you up with 

health-sustaining skills

that can endure every season 

and last you a lifetime. 

Steady RISE Coaching 



  • 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions Every Other Week for one whole year to support you through lasting change.

Successful Behavior Change is an inner game and an outer game. I support you with both to make sure you get results. 

You’ll walk away from each session with new insights into your health needs, your habit history, your mindset, and your cultural and logistical obstacles. 

You’ll also develop new meta-skills to overcome those obstacles and establish built-for-you healthy habits as we problem-solve together. 

This is the work that makes change go from feeling widely out-of-reach, to something that’s already happening. Something you can confidently sustain for years to come.  

  • Monthly 30-Minute Deep Dive on Key Topics to cut through the noise and get clear on proven best-practices.

It can feel like the world is always one discovery away from “hacking” health, because that’s what keeps us clicking. 

But we don’t really need all that overwhelming information. Most of it is unproven or inapplicable, and just keeps folks distracted, obsessing, and spending money on magic pills. 

So instead, let’s get clear on the foundations and basics 

that actually make an undeniable difference.

Expect easy-to-digest Deep Dives on nutrition, intuitive eating, sleep, stress management, mobility, and medication adherence, as well as relationship dynamics and personal boundaries. All of it impacts your health. 

  • Access to 3 Overcoming U Health & Wellness Courses to build the skills you need to thrive.

Did I mention that while we’re working together, you won’t need to scour the internet for information? 

To support your skill-building even more, I’ve got interactive courses on all the key topics and will set you up with the ones you need to move closer to your goals. 

Whether you want to make peace with food, get meals on the table without overwhelm, create a stress-management plan you actually like, or get your finances in shape so you sleep easier, there’s an Overcoming U course with your name on it. 

Each one builds your skills and self-awareness with simple steps you can gain from right away. No busy-work required.

You already take great care of everyone else around you — now it’s time to take great care of YOU. 

Let’s make it happen. 

Steady RISE Coaching





Year Payment

One Year of Health Coaching


$500 / MONTH


Monthly Payment

One of 12 Payments for One Year of Health Coaching

You don’t have to obey anyone else’s 

rules in order to be well. 

You are The Decider. 

And here’s the thing…being The Decider 

is not a one-and-done deal. 

Every day, every season, and every time your body changes, 

you will need to adapt. To make new decisions.

That’s why my Steady RISE method won’t 

give you a system to obey…

But it WILL equip you with Healthy Living Meta-Skills: 

Core capacities that make you more creative, confident 

and agile in taking great care of yourself (and your family), 

no matter what life throws your way. 

These are the foundational skills that make it easy to:

    • Get your minimum-viable workouts in, even when you’re short on time and enthusiasm.
    • Keep feel-good eats on-hand AND trust yourself to improvise when life gets busy.
    • Give yourself a break, skip a workout, or enjoy a treat without fear of “falling off” or “messing it up”.
    • Notice when you need a different kind of care and tweak your habits and routines with confidence.
    • Advocate for yourself when caretaking expectations and biases get in the way of your self-care.
    • Resist the pull of unproven trends and stay focused on what’s useful and viable.
    • Feel accomplished because you trust yourself to make healthy-enough decisions, enough of the time.

    Have questions? 

    Want to see if we’re a fit?

    Let’s talk about what Behavior Change & Healthy Habits could look like for you.