Say goodbye to systems that won’t stick

Build lifelong meta-skills instead.

My coaching programs and wellness courses help you get in the swing of healthy habits without turning your current life upside down (unless you want to).   

You’ll get good at knowing what you really need (and don’t need), make feel-good meals & workouts happen with ease, and become confident in your choices — no matter what anyone else says. 

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Taking great care of your health doesn’t have to be complicated, strict, or extreme. 

My Steady RISE Method for Behavior Change helps you find out what’s most doable, frictionless and effective for you, and release everything that’s not.

It works. Because unlike most cookie-cutter systems or unrealistic protocols, it supports you to overcome the 4 biggest obstacles that stop busy professionals & parents from maintaining feel-good habits: 

  1. Social contexts that normalize self-neglect
  2. Misinformation-overwhelm clouding their decisions
  3. Emotional triggers that disrupt behavior change
  4. Inflexible rules that can’t accommodate real life

Instead of asking you to obey outdated rules that don’t work, I help you find your own way.


What Makes Me An Expert in Behavior Change & Wellness: 

After more than three decades in the field, I’ve collected vast experience and credentials across fitness, nutrition, and stress management. 

In that time, I’ve learned the difference between what’s essential to your health, and what only makes being well harder than it needs to be.

I’ve educated more than 9500 people at major organizations, spoken on dozens of stages, interviewed dozens of experts on my podcast, and coached hundreds of folks through challenges like overfull schedules, chronic conditions, and weight stigma. 

I believe the healthiest life is led by your own decisions, and I can help you make them with confidence.

Find out what works for you.

Build the skills to sustain it. 

Let’s talk about how I can help you reach 

your healthy living goals. 



3 Foundational Meta-Skills for Healthy Living That Lasts

Improving your health without strict obedience is a matter of developing your core capacities.

In this Free Guide, you’ll learn how to apply 3 essential meta-skills to your self-care so you can:

  • Free yourself from the false binary of “good” or “bad”
  • Build your own authority to make decisions that stick
  • Avoid getting derailed when a hot new trend appears
  • Set yourself up to meet your essential needs with ease, no matter what life throws your way

*Your consent matters to me, so let me be transparent.

After you get this free guide, I’ve got even more resources, stories, and evidence-based wellness wisdom to share. I’ll also occasionally let you know how we can work together if you’re ready for more personalized support. I hope that all sounds good, and if not, please know you’re welcome to unsubscribe anytime.



The Air We Breathe Podcast

Enjoy candid conversations with experts, doctors, creatives, and activists as we debunk The Rules and learn to seek peace over perfection.

Your one sweet life is not meant to be spent obsessing over your body.



One-on-One Steady RISE HEALTH Coaching

Let’s figure out what’s going to help you feel undeniably better, and build skills to sustain your new habits with ease.


Overcoming U Health & Wellbeing Courses

Educate your employees to improve their energy, performance, and health outcomes with smart self-care skills that change everything.

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Employee Wellness Programs?

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Want to share my message with your audience? 

I’m here to spread the word about the harms of Diet Culture, The Rules, wellness misinformation, extreme clean eating, or weight stigma in health care.

I can share insights on how to motivate healthy habits, choose peace over perfection, and make practical tweaks that lead to long-term behavior change.

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