You don’t have to obey anyone else’s rules in order to be healthy. 

You are The Decider.

I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m a Behavior Change Expert and Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 


I work with accomplished professionals, busy parents, and corporate wellness teams.

Instead of introducing yet another system or secret that won’t stick, I teach you health-sustaining Meta Skills

Core capacities that help you decide what you need to feel your best, and repeat it with ease.


Improving your energy, mood, and confidence comes down to FOUNDATIONS AND BASICS. 

Not trends. 


The Wellness Rabbit Hole is full of viral misinformation, unproven health crazes, and harmful biases. 


Unqualified influencers and medical professionals alike tell people THEY are the problem: 


If only they were more obedient and disciplined, all of their health issues would evaporate overnight. 


The truth is, perfection can’t guarantee results. 


And striving for perfection is not only unsustainable — it’s bad for our mental AND physical health. 


So if you’re struggling to do all the things you’ve been told to do…

It’s not that you lack willpower.

It’s that you deserve a more flexible — and more effective — approach. 

Healthy habits built-for-you.

And the skills to sustain them.

My Steady RISE Method helps you figure out what works for you and trust yourself to make healthy-enough decisions, enough-of-the-time. 


You’ll build confidence as you stop caring what you “should” do, and start reliably doing only the things that make your life better.

Ways to learn from me:


One-on-One Steady RISE Coaching

Let’s get your essential health needs running on autopilot, with you in charge of the speed, the route, and the coordinates.


Overcoming U Health & Wellbeing Courses

Educate your employees to improve their energy, performance and health outcomes with smart self-care skills that change everything.


The Air We Breathe Podcast 

Dispel the myths and misinformation that keep people striving to obey the rules, and become The Decider of what’s best for you. 


3 Foundational Meta-Skills for Healthy Living That Lasts

Improving your health without strict obedience is a matter of developing your core capacities.

In this Free Guide, you’ll learn how to apply 3 essential meta-skills to your self-care so you can:

  • Free yourself from the false binary of “good” or “bad”
  • Build your own authority to make decisions that stick
  • Avoid getting derailed when a hot new trend appears
  • Set yourself up to meet your essential needs with ease, no matter what life throws your way

*Your consent matters to me, so let me be transparent.

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